Hat of Braids

This is very stylish and will look god mostly on women with a round face, and long faces will look all the longer. This hairstyle is simple and unique both. If you are interested in looking feminine and have an eye for stylish looks daily, you should not miss this cute braided hairstyles for black hair. They are easy to make, and all you need to do is roll up the braids in the right way.

  • Matching Face Shape: Oval and round face shapes women can try this style out.
  • Best Hair Texture: Wear this style if you have smooth and straight hair texture.
  • Ideal Season: Women in 20s are best for this hairstyle look.
  • Best Age Group: One can wear this hairstyle for those in the age of 20s and early 30s only.
  • Perfect Outfits: Wear a lovely gown or lock frock to look great in this style.
  • Suitable Occasion: Wedding receptions or pre-wedding festivities, events are all good to go in this look.

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