Part Braided Hair

This is an amazing style for black hair and one of our favourite. If you want super stylish and hot bold looks, then you may like this style than others. Women who are conscious of their style statement and work wonders with their appearance may prefer this look of the sleek side braid. This is little time taking, yet the result is amazing right.

  • Best Face Shape: Women with square, oval and heart face shape can try this.
  • Best Hair Type: Wear this for curly and wavy hair texture only to look fantastic and stand out!
  • Ideal Age Group: This is amazing for those in younger age groups before 30 years.
  • Perfect Season: Winters is good to go in this look than other seasons.
  • Preferable Outfits: Wear a cute sleek dress or jumpsuit in this style.
  • Suitable Occasion: This is a good black hairstyle for prom or attending similar kind of party events!

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